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If you aren’t sure of the DOT physical requirements to get a CDL, you could get lost in the process. From the CDL medical certificate to the CDL physical exam, we touch on the subjects you need to know about. Once you pass the CDL physical requirements and you take your CDL permit test, you are ready to start a new trucking career.  

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CDL Vision Requirements 

The CDL vision test requires a visual acuity of 20/40 or better in each eye without the use of corrective lenses or corrected to that minimum with corrective lenses. Additionally, the field of vision must be at least 70 with the horizontal Meridian. You must also be able to recognize traffic signals and sign colors. If the medical card for truck drivers lists that you are “Qualified only when wearing corrective lenses,” you must make sure you always wear your glasses or contacts while driving.  

Hearing Requirements for Commercial Driver’s License 

Obtaining a commercial driver’s license requires passing a CDL hearing test. You must be able to hear a forced whisper in your better ear within five feet with or without a hearing aid. Hearing loss cannot be greater than 40 decibels at a variety of frequencies. If you only qualify with a hearing aid, it must be worn at all times while driving, so it’s best to keep a spare battery on hand.  

Taking a CDL Physical Exam 

To meet the CDL medical requirements, you must have a test done by a provider from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry.  The CDL medical test will involve 12 various categories ranging from vascular to neurological. You will be required to supply your past medical records as part of the CDL medical exam requirements. While many aspects are involved, the CDL blood pressure requirements are 140/90. Additionally, passing the CDL physical requires you to take a drug test. The truck driver’s physical is valid for 24 months unless the examiner feels a re-evaluation is necessary sooner.  

Medical Card for Truckers 

Once you meet all the intrastate CDL requirements, you are given a medical card. The DOT medical card is also known as Medical Examiner’s Certificate. It signifies that you have passed the CDL physical exam requirements.  

CDL Medical Card Exemption 

In some cases, you can get a CDL medical card exemption if you have a condition or reason that would otherwise disqualify you. You will have to supply your medical records, driving records, and employment history for a review.  

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