A rear view of a shiny aluminum tanker truck as it takes a curved off-ramp during the day with trees in the background and followed by a small tan sedan

There’s no question that the industry is suffering from a truck driver shortage, but what does this mean? The trucker shortage is having a profound impact on the tanker industry specifically. As we look closer at the truck driver shortage in 2021, we can estimate what’s going to happen moving into the New Year. Hopefully, the lessons learned will show us how to handle it better. In this article, we look at the problems, how it’s affecting the industry and what can be done about it.

What is the Truck Driver Shortage?

Is there actually a shortage of tank truck drivers or is something else causing the problems? There are different mindsets when discussing the subject. On the one hand, the number of qualified drivers is possibly higher than ever, with lots of drivers available to take on the jobs. Some critics point to the supply chain crisis to indicate the issues with delivery troubles, not a lack of workers. On the other hand, of the trucking shortage in 2021, it would appear that there are also issues keeping drivers. The turnover rate continues to skyrocket, mainly because of poor benefits and bad working conditions. Instead of definitively stating that there is a shortage of truck drivers from 2021, it might be safer to say that there are multiple issues working together to affect the industry.

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How is the Tanker Industry Being Affected?

Because of the increased demand for truck drivers, many of America’s favorite products are taking longer to deliver. Not only can the tanker driver shortage of 2021 cause issues getting popular food supplies to the grocery stores, but it’s also affecting the gas industry. Due to the gas truck driver shortage, stations are waiting for fuel and leaving behind a furry of disgruntled customers. Plus, the lack of oil delivery is causing issues as the head of the supply chain.

How Tanker Drivers can Affect the Truck Driver Shortage

The only way to counteract the CDL driver shortage is to employ more drivers. It’s imperative that new drivers get their licenses to make up for what’s happening with the national truck driver shortage. As more people get their licenses, the gap will be filled and supplies can start flowing freely once again. It will take some time to reverse the trend, but it can happen.

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