A man behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler driving down the highway

Truck drivers have an amazingly free style of life. The open road, flexibility in your schedule, and no college degree requirements can all have prospective truckers chomping at the bit to join the workforce. But what is it really like to be a trucker? Morristown Express is here to give you a look into the life of a trucker and help you weigh some of the pros and cons as you make this important decision in your life.

Freedom and Independence

The words freedom and independence get thrown around a lot today, but few truly get to experience real independence in the workplace. While there are some expectations such as timely deliveries and safety. Truck drivers are free from micromanagement or a monotonous career behind a desk. As an added bonus drivers get to see more of the U.S or the region their chosen route lies in.

Job Security

The freight industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy every year and that number is only growing. Trucking companies like Morristown Express are constantly seeking reliable, trustworthy, and qualified drivers to transport their freight. Due to this high demand for truck drivers, they enjoy an unusually high level of job security compared to other careers.
Although job security is great industry-wide, it is still very important to choose the right trucking company to work for. You want to find a company that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Time Away from Home

While there are tons of benefits to choosing freight hauling as a career. There are some downsides such as the time you will likely have to spend away from home and your family. Depending on your route truck drivers may spend anywhere from two days to two weeks or more away from home. Because of the high demand for truck drivers, home time is often limited as your expert hauling skills are crucial to the infrastructure of America.


Hygiene is another con of transporting goods via the big rigs. With limited windows of time to make deliveries, hygiene can sometimes be forgotten and take a back seat to the duties of a truck driver. It is important that you have a good hygiene plan and have a route mapped out that includes the places to stop, shower, and practice a health care routine. Not only will this help your physical health, but your mental health as well.

High Entry-Level Pay

Even though there’s an expectation of a high entry-level salary, this can vary widely based on region, route, and source of employment. For example, an entry-level trucker who is self-employed can have a much higher earning potential than a salaried employee of a company, but the salaried employee will enjoy greater job security, benefits, and more time off. In this case, it is important to know what to expect from a trucking company as an entry-level truck driver.

Driving Limits

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines several restrictions for truck drivers that are aimed at creating a safe work environment for truck drivers and holding their employers to a reasonable standard of expectation.
Truck drivers typically work up to 70 hours within an eight-day period. Most truck drivers aren’t allowed to drive more than this. After 70 hours in a truck driver’s work week, a mandatory 34 hours off must be taken. For example, if someone works July 1-8, they would be required to take the next 34 hours off. The schedule would then reset and start over.

Join Morristown Express!

Overall, the pros of a career hauling freight outweigh the cons. With freedom, a new career, and the open road on your horizon. There’s only one thing left to do, join the Morristown Express team!

At Morristown Express, we hire truck drivers from a variety of walks of life. Whether you are a beginner or you have decades of experience, we can provide you with the best compensation rates and benefits package around. Plus, you can score a regional route, so you are home more with your family. Apply today with Morristown Express to start your new trucking career today!