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These truck driver facts will change how you think about the industry. With some fun facts about trucking, you can learn everything that matters. Plus, we have some fun facts about truck drivers that might help you see things in a new light.

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Morristown’s truck driver facts will help you know what tucker life is like. Whether you are an existing truck driver or considering a new career, these facts will help you understand what its like in the big shoes of a U.S. truck driver.

Truck Driving Opportunities

There’s plenty of room to start a new career. Just look at these truck driving facts.

  1. Nearly 230,000 openings occur each year for tractor-trailer drivers.
  2. Truck driving within the United States ensures 3.6 million people are employed.
  3. 5.8% of the United States workforce is made up of truck drivers.
  4. Class A truck sales have grown 45% in the last few years.
  5. If you lined up all of the trucks on the road, you would be able to reach the moon.

Trucking Demographics

As shown in the latest fun facts featuring demographics, anyone can be a truck driver.

  1. 6% of truck drivers are female.
  2. 77% of truck drivers are white, while 23% are Hispanic or Latino. Additionally, 17% of trucks identify as Black or African American, and another 4% are Asian.
  3. The median age for the average over-the-road truck driver in the United States is 46. When it comes to private fleet drivers, the average median age goes up to 57 years old.

Interesting Facts About Trucking

Sometimes, you want to know some fun facts about trucking, and we’ve got a few for you to consider.

  1. Charles Fruehauf was a German-American blacksmith. He’s the inventor of the first trailer in 1914 that was created as a way to ship his boat.
  2. Commercial trucks use 20,500 gallons of diesel fuel a year. You can do the math, but clearly, it costs truckers more money than ever to fill up the tank.
  3. In the last twenty years, the EPA has been able to regulate cuts that reduced emissions by 95% on heavy-duty trucks.

Truck Driver Health Facts

The well-being of truckers should be a top concern, and good health comes from caring for yourself and remaining safe on the road. Here are a few trucking facts to keep in mind, but if you’d like more information you can checkout our blog on advice for new truck drivers.

  1. The average trucker spends more than 240 nights away from home. However, with Morristown Express, you can have a local route that ensures you spend more time at home.
  2. A tractor-trailer requires 40% more stopping time than a passenger vehicle. The truck needs three football fields of space to come to a complete stop on the highway.
  3. Every year there are around 500,000 accidents involving tractor trailers in the United States. With Morristown’s expert training program, you’ll be equipped to handle dangerous situations that might arise. Plus, your routes are short, limiting the chances of any involvement in accidents.

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