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If you are looking for a career change, you want to know what entry-level CDL jobs are available. Unlike some other industries, there are quite a few entry-level trucking jobs for drivers with little to no experience. This guide will discuss entry-level CDL jobs and compare entry-level Class A and Class B CDL jobs to know what’s best for you. We will also examine the highest-paying entry-level CDL jobs. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to see how easy it is to start a new truck driving career without a lot of experience or training.

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How to Get an Entry-Level CDL Job

Before you get one of the entry-level local CDL jobs, you must first acquire your license. We recommend going to trucking school to get the best training. You will also need to undergo a physical exam, along with several exams and driving tests. Some companies offer entry-level CDL driver jobs while you are going through training. Even after you get your license, you want to work with a company that continues training and supporting you as you learn.

Entry Level CDL Salaries

You will likely make $40,000 or less a year as a new truck driver. In general, entry-level CDL B jobs will offer less than those requiring a Class A CDL. Your salary will also depend on whether you are driving OTR or regionally.

Tips For Entry Level CDL & Rookie Drivers

Once you choose from the best entry-level CDL jobs, you need to know how to succeed. For starters, the more training you receive, the better you will do. If you can get truck training through a school or on-road supervision, you will have the skills needed to excel. If you are going to be spending a lot of time on the road, make sure you are taking care of yourself. Get an appropriate amount of sleep and eat healthy foods to remain in optimal condition. You will also need some time to adjust to your new career. Driving trucks is a very different career from sitting behind a desk. Give yourself permission to grow and change during this critical time. If you need help, reach out to other drivers with the company or your supervisor.

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At Morristown Express, we offer both paid driver orientation, as well as tanker training. Most of the CDL Class A truck drivers complete our training within three weeks or less. We prefer that our drivers have at least 12 months of Class A CDL experience and a tanker endorsement. You must also be able to pass the DOT physical and drug screening. Once you have been working with us for some time, you could be earning a top salary. Our top earners make more than $75,000 a year, which is far above the national average. Plus, we make it easy to apply for our truck driving jobs online. Apply for a Class A CDL driving position at Morristown Express.

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