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With all the goods that need to be delivered nationwide, our economy couldn’t function without CDL Class A truck drivers. If you’ve ever thought about getting a Class A commercial driver’s license and looking for a truck driving job, you might wonder what the benefits are. We will review answers to some of your top questions, such as why you should get a CDL and the best reasons for becoming a Class A CDL truck driver.

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Should I Become a Class A CDL Truck Driver?

Have you wondered, should I get a CDL license? Maybe you’ve thought – what can you do with a CDL Class A? CDL Class A truck drivers receive substantial pay and plenty of benefits for the job they perform. However, CDL Class A trucking is more than just a profession; it’s a way of life. As a truck driver, you will spend long hours on the road and plenty of time away from your home. In general, trucking isn’t a job that just anyone can do. Instead, it’s designed for people that enjoy the lifestyle. If that sounds like you, the high pay and additional CDL Class A benefits are just a bonus.

Benefits of a Class A CDL Truck Driver

Benefits for Class A CDL drivers in Indiana at Morristown Express
What can I do with my Class A CDL? That’s a question we often hear. Aside from helping consumers get the products they need, you get to take advantage of many CDL Class A benefits. First, you get an excellent salary. Aside from that, you will also gain access to insurance for your family. It’s challenging to find an entry-level trucking job that gives you health, dental, and vision insurance, but CDL trucking does. You can also take advantage of paid vacations and sick days, as well as tuition reimbursement in some cases. Above all, CDL Class A truck drivers have job security, the ability to travel the country, and lots of freedom.

CDL Class A vs. Class B: Why is Class A Trucking Better?

What is the best CDL license to get? Have you wondered – which CDL should I get? While you can get a Class A or Class B to drive a vehicle weighing more than 26,001 pounds, you need the Class A CDL if the trailer weight exceeds 10,000 pounds. Class B CDL jobs tend to be driving box trucks, dump trucks, and city buses. Additionally, CDL Class A truck drivers get paid more and can spend more time on the road because of the available positions. They also tend to have access to better benefits.

CDL Class A vs. Class C: Why is Class A Trucking Better?

A Class C CDL license only applies to the vehicles that weren’t covered by a Class A or B license. You need it to drive small vehicles transporting 16 or more passengers. It’s also required for smaller vehicles that focus on hauling hazardous materials. It’s not as easy to find CDL Class C jobs, and the benefits don’t compare with having a CDL Class A license.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Class A CDL

If you aren’t sure you want a CDL Class A job, consider these five benefits.

  1. Exceptional Salary – As a truck driver, you can make good money right from the start. Plus, you won’t need to spend money to go to college. Instead, you pay for training, which might even be paid for by your employer.
  2. Travel – As you do your job, you can see some of the country’s coolest sites, such as Grand Teton National Park, Florida Keys, Rocky Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  3. Job Security – Trucking jobs are secure because there is always a shortage of drivers.
  4. Ample Benefits – Get health care, retirement plans, and more from day one.
  5. Freedom – You don’t have your supervisor staring over your shoulder all day. Enjoy the freedom that comes with being on the open road.

Morristown Express Hires CDL Class A Truck Drivers

In Morristown, IN, we are currently hiring for a variety of CDL Class A truck driving jobs. You can apply with Morristown Express and receive all of the top benefits in the profession. We only hire experienced CDL Class A truck drivers and never require anyone to transport hazardous materials. Our truckers also don’t unload or load shipments. Apply to drive with Morristown Express today!

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