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Stay Safe on the Road with an Employer that Cares

As the weather gets more treacherous, you must be more diligent and stay aware of the road conditions and your surroundings. A small mistake when the roads are slick can change your life forever. Whether you need help driving in the rain or looking for more tips related to dealing with heavy wind, we’ve got you covered. Your friends at Morristown Express want to protect you during your next job. That’s why we put together these winter driving tips for truck drivers across the United States.


Winter Driving Tips for Trucks Drivers

  • Perform a Pre-Trip Inspection: Before hitting the road, it’s best to follow a pre-trip inspection checklist for truckers. Once you work through this checklist enough, it will become second nature. These simple checks ensure your truck is ready for what’s ahead.
  • Slow Down: It will take longer to stop your vehicle when the roads are slick. Give yourself some extra room to brake and make sure you have time to react.
  • Carry an Emergency Kit: Disasters can happen at any time. Whether you are in an accident or find yourself stranded in bad weather, it’s best to have some emergency supplies on hand. Change the kit and its contents based on what season you are driving in to ensure you are always prepared.
  • Take Plenty of Breaks: Driving in winter can be much harder on you than a standard job. For this reason, you may decide you need a few more breaks than normal. Be gentle with yourself and take the time that’s needed. It’s best to be well-rested and ready for whatever comes ahead.
  • Avoid Distractions: While your phone might be calling your name, now is not the time to look at it. Keep your hands firmly planted on the wheel and stay focused on the road. If conditions change suddenly, you will need to make some quick decisions that require your attention.

Tips for Truck Driving in Heavy Rain

  • Plan Your Route Carefully: Knowing what you will face in the miles ahead is important. Look for any areas that might be flooded and determine what other course you might need to take. It’s also wise to watch the weather often, just to be aware of any coming changes.
  • Keep the Lights On: Even if it’s not dark outside, you want other vehicles to see you clearly. For this reason, you should always have your exterior lights on. If you have to slow down, you also want to turn on the hazard lights for more protection.
  • Don’t Drive Through Water: It’s difficult to tell how deep-standing water actually is. If you encounter standing water and can’t see the road surface, it might be best to turn around and take another path. That puddle could be much deeper than you anticipate.
  • Slow Down: Roads are going to be slick, and it’s going to be more difficult to keep control of the truck. For this reason, you need to have more time to react. Minimize speed to what’s comfortable, even if you need to turn on your hazard lights for a short time.
  • Know When Enough is Enough: You don’t ever want to push yourself beyond your or the truck’s limits. If the journey seems unsafe, pull over carefully and take a break. It’s best to wait out the weather and get back on the road when visibility is better.

Tips for Driving in High Wind Conditions

  • Reduce Speed: As with any inclement weather, you want to hold back on speeding. It’s time to drive much slower, so you can react to whatever might happen.
  • Avoid Passing: While the wind is blowing, it’s best to avoid passing other vehicles. There’s no reason for sudden lane changes during strong winds, as these can easily throw your load off-balance and create issues.
  • Use Caution Over Bridges: The wind will be much worse as you head over a bridge. You can also feel a difference as you come out of tunnels or travel on an overpass. In each of these situations, feel free to go slower so you can maintain control.
  • Turn on Low Beams: While visibility might not be an issue, it’s best to ensure everyone knows where you are. Wind can kick up debris and dust, so the low beams will help illuminate your truck.
  • Don’t Park Under Trees: If you need to pull over, use caution when you stop. If you park under a tree or near other objects, the wind could cause them to fall on the truck, leading to possible damage and injury.

Stay Safe with Morristown Express!

At Morristown Express, the safety of our drivers is always what’s most important. We care about you, which is why we work hard to give you every opportunity possible. If you aren’t working with Morristown Express, you are missing out. Apply today and join our growing team.