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Are you hoping to start a new trucking career? If so, you will need to know more about CDL training. What is CDL training? This article will explain how to get paid CDL training and when you should consider free CDL training. We will also look at the CDL training cost and help you find the best CDL training so you start your career on the right foot.

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Paid CDL Training:

There are some trucking companies that train for CDL licenses. To get this CDL license training, you will have to agree to work with the carrier after you meet the requirements.


  • Easier to secure a job
  • Training without expensive tuition


  • Might be underpaid after training
  • Most CDL training programs are not accredited

Free CDL Training:

You can also work with a provider to get no-cost CDL training. With this type of CDL driver training, you also agree to sign with a company at the end of your learning, even if the carrier isn’t clear upfront.


  • Can get free CDL training online
  • No upfront cost to you
  • Better chances of getting a job


  • If the carrier backs out of hiring, you will be responsible for the costs
  • Might get underpaid after training
  • Many programs are not accredited

Class A CDL Training

It can be expensive to sign up for Class A CDL training, leaving many people looking for alternatives. With paid CDL training jobs, you work with a particular carrier to learn what’s needed for your entry-level trucking job. However, there are also CDL training online courses that are free if you are willing to work with a provider at the end.

Class B CDL Training

The Class B CDL training cost might be lower, but you may still want to get help covering the expenses. How much does CDL training cost? It depends on if you pay the fee yourself or you choose paid CDL training jobs instead. Company-paid Class B CDL training ensures you pay nothing upfront. You may also be able to take Class B CDL training online.

Requirements Needed To Attend CDL Training

Whether you are looking for local paid CDL training or opting for Class B CDL training online, there will be some requirements you need to fulfill. For the most part, expect to qualify with these requirements for CDL permit training.

  • Minimum 21 years old
  • Valid driver’s license
  • No DUI convictions in the past five years
  • Pass DOT physical and drug screen

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