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If you are planning to start a new trucking career, you want to understand the CDL permit practice test and how it can help you. While the CDL practice test won’t get you your license, it will help you prepare for the big day. We look at the differences between the Class A CDL practice test and the Class B CDL practice test, showing you why each is important. Before you take a free CDL practice test online, read our complete guide.

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What is a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP)?

With a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), you can practice your driving skills in an appropriate vehicle. Your practice is only allowed in the state where you are licensed. To start a trucking job, you must get your CLP before you can be allowed to take your CDL license test. Each state has different requirements concerning how long you must have a CLP before you can take your driving test. However, many drivers prefer to read a CDL permit study guide before taking the DMV CDL permit test.

Will A CDL Permit Practice Test Help Me Get My CLP?

Practice always makes perfect. Before you take the commercial driver’s license permit test, you want to practice. You can use a CDL permit book or study for a CDL permit online. There are a multitude of classes you can take if you feel you need more guidance, but it’s important you don’t attempt to take the test without some practice first.

Class A Practice Test

If you need to take a Class A CDL permit test, you can find many resources to help you pass. Aside from the standard test, you might also need a CDL combination practice test. Evaluate what endorsements you will need and study for each.

Class B Practice Test

The Class B license test might not be as extensive, but it still requires practice. With a Class B practice test, you can test your knowledge and see if you are ready to pass. Look for a Class B CDL study guide or find a practice CDL Class B permit test online before applying.

Learn More About CDL Permit Practice Tests In Your State

The CDL learner’s permit test isn’t the same in each state. You should understand the requirements of the state where you will be driving before you apply. Additionally, the practice tests need to correspond with the tests you will be taking. You can look at your local DMV to see what’s required and search out a practice test that touches each subject completely.

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