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If you are preparing for a new trucking career, you will want to know how to get a Class A CDL. In this guide, we walk you through the CDL license test to help prepare you. Once you are through reading, you will understand how to get a class A license and what the truck driving school requirements are.

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How Old Do You Have to be to Get A CDL?

To travel across the country, you need to be 21. However, do you know how old you have to be to get a CDL license in your state? Each state has its own CDL permit requirements. For example, if you are driving in South Dakota or Maine, you only need to be 16. On the other hand, Hawaii and New York require drivers to be 21. Additionally, Alaska requires CDL drivers to be 19. All of the other states wait until the driver is 18.

Class A CDL Permit Test

So, you want to know how to get your CDL? To start, you need the CDL learner’s permit. After you supply the local DMV with your pertinent information, you will need to take the CDL learner’s permit test. This test will include sections on General Knowledge, Combination Vehicles, and Air Brakes. To study for your test, you may want to join a trucking school or take some practice tests online.

CDL Tanker Endorsement

The CDL tanker endorsement is one of six optional endorsements available to add. With this endorsement, you can operate a commercial vehicle designed to haul liquid cargo. A CDL tanker endorsement allows you to operate Class A, B, or C vehicles with portable or attached tanks, filled cylinders, and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) that carry liquid. There are two types of tanker endorsements: N Endorsement allows you to haul over 1000 gallons in liquid or gas form; the X Endorsement allows you to haul hazardous materials, such as gasoline.

In order to get your tanker N Endorsement you will need to pass the Tanker Endorsement Knowledge Test, which is a 20-30 question test given by your local DMV. For an X Endorsement, you will need to pass the N Endorsement test, a hazardous knowledge test, and pass a TSA background check.

Medical Requirements for a Class A CDL

One of the main Class A CDL requirements is a physical exam by a qualified provider. During your medical exam, the following will be evaluated.

  • Medical history
  • Drug screen
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Blood sugar

Federal Class A CDL Requirements

Do you know how to get your CDL license to drive across state lines? Here are some requirements that you need to follow.

  • Minimum 21 years old
  • Valid social security card
  • Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record
  • CDL medical card from a qualified provider

State Class A CDL Requirements

If your state allows for a younger age, you can get your CDL license for work in your area. Contact your local DMV to get the requirements for your state.

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