A close-up shot of the side of a fuel tanker with several hoses attached to the side of the tanker, pumping gas into an in-ground fuel station tank

As the national average price increases and the supply chain continues to break down, diesel is hard to find. How does this diesel shortage affect the trucking industry? We look at what you can expect and what it means for the industry.

What is Causing the Diesel Fuel Shortage?

The global supply of diesel is dwindling, and refiners are having trouble keeping up with the recovery from the post-pandemic demand. The shortage was already impacting diesel prices, but now they are only going higher.  As the global central banks continue worrying about inflation rates, the prices at the pumps continue to rise. Additionally, the shortages push the crude oil to higher prices as the pressure continues to mount.

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What Happens During a Diesel Fuel Shortage?

When there is less diesel fuel, you can expect it will profoundly impact the trucking industry. Not only do the higher oil prices mean that transporting goods will cost more, but there will also be long lines at the truck stops.  Last year, many truck stops had to limit the fuel each customer purchased. As this continues again, it is tough for truckers to maximize their time on the road.  These interruptions will affect all fuel haulers but ultimately lead to fewer products making it to the marketplace. Due to those issues, the supply chain continues to suffer.  Additionally, trucking companies could go under if they don’t raise prices fast enough to compensate for the added expenses.

How Do We Fix Diesel Fuel Shortages?

The first step to making a dent in the problem is to hire more truck drivers. With a lack of drivers on the road, there aren’t enough people to deliver diesel fuel to the truck stops. However, there aren’t enough truckers to hire, so getting more people interested in a career change is important.  Oil companies also need to increase output, and there needs to be enough fuel hitting the market to keep up with the demand.  Truckers can’t conserve fuel when delivering goods, but the average consumer can. If people in the country cut out one or two trips each week, more fuel would be leftover. It’s a joint effort that needs to happen if there will be any progress at all.

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