African American truck driver (20s) standing in front of semi-truck.

More and more young people are beginning to question whether going to college is the right choice. This is leading to more people noticing that there are some real opportunities to become CDL Class A truck drivers. Leading to questions like – what is the age requirement for CDL licenses?

The answers do vary a bit depending on your location and desired field of transport.

Can You be a Truck Driver at 18?

When looking at the DOT age requirements for CDL drivers, you might think it varies across the country, but that’s not the case. You only need to be 18 years old to get a commercial driver’s license and drive within your state-of-residence.

However, the CDL age requirement is different if you want to be a truck driver that crosses State lines. If you drive across State lines, you must be 21 years of age.

Can You Be Too Old to Become a CDL Truck Driver?

You now know the minimum age limit required to get a Class A CDL, but is there an age at which you can no longer drive? Legally, CDL Class A truck drivers can be as old as they want, as long as it is safe.

While there isn’t a truck driver age limit, you want to be honest with yourself as well as be aware of DOT physical requirements. As a truck driver there are times when you have to unload heavy cargo or operate in inclement weather, which requires more energy. If you still like the thought of driving and delivering, you might be better suited for a local truck driving job instead.

Are DOT Age Limit Restrictions Different for Class A CDL Drivers?

All CDL Class A truck drivers are subject to the same laws as other CDL classes. You must be 18 years of age to drive within your home State and 21 years of age to drive outside State lines. These age requirements are the same with any CDL license you choose to get.

Do DOT Age Requirements for Truck Drivers Change from State to State?

No matter the state you live in, the same laws apply for any truck driver job. If you choose to get your CDL Class A license when you are 18, you will have fewer CDL Class A jobs available to you as you can’t leave the State with the company’s trucks.

If you do fall into this category, over-the-road jobs are a great option for you. Contact us at Morristown Express to see if we are a good fit for you.

Other Age-Related Restrictions to Becoming a CDL Truck Driver

Some age-related restrictions can make it challenging to be a CDL truck driver. You must be able to pass a physical exam and exert plenty of physical strength. Trucking companies require drivers to be physically healthy with good eyesight.

If you notice a decline in your mental awareness, reaction times, and possess the ability to stay awake after long hours. You might want to look at adjusting your hours on the road or changing your route to be less demanding.

Morristown Express Welcomes Indiana Class A CDL Truck Drivers

When you get your CDL Class A license, you are ready for a job at Morristown Express. We have truck driving jobs available in the Indiana area for you. Our Class A drivers never haul hazardous materials and don’t have to load or unload shipments. Looking for CDL Class A truck driving jobs in the Morristown, IN area? Apply with Morristown Express today!