It’s not uncommon to have difficulties or an average 1st-year truck driver salary when starting a CDL trucking career. But as you progress in your career, you’ll gain experience and use it to leverage better pay, benefits, and hours.

Whether you are an entry-level driver, just out of training, or you have a little experience under your belt. We can help you find the Class A CDL job you’re looking for.

What is an Entry-Level CDL Driver?

Most CDL drivers who recently graduated with no experience, as well as drivers with less than one year of driving experience are considered to be entry-level drivers in the trucking industry.

Most truck driving jobs for beginners require you to simply hold a CDL. From there, it’s possible to get the experience needed on the job, possibly with a trainer’s help.

When are You Considered an Experienced CDL Driver?

Each company sets its own rules for what designates experienced CDL drivers. As a rule of thumb, once you have accrued over one year of CDL experience, you can be considered an experienced driver. You can even begin gaining this experience at the age of 18 as an in-state CDL truck driver.

Some trucking companies require that you have a certain number of solo miles, such as 60,000 miles, before being considered an experienced driver. Up until this point, the company might offer you paid CDL training.

What’s the Best Way to Get CDL Experience?

As an entry-level CDL driver, you might wonder how to get a job if no one will hire you. While it might seem hopeless at first, some avenues will get you the experience you need.

First, don’t give up on applying with carriers. Several are willing to offer inexperienced drivers an entry-level job to get more experience. At Morristown express we’re always looking for Class A CDL drivers that show characteristics of a great employee.

CDL Entry-Level vs. Experienced: How Different is the Pay?

On average, a first-year CDL driver could make around $40,000 a year. After your first year you can see an increase up to $50,000 a year depending on your job history and record as a driver.

How Much do Experienced CDL Drivers Make?

The average Class A CDL driver salary can land well over $50,000 a year on average once you have experience.

You can also join an apprenticeship with an established company in your area. After driving so many miles with a trainer, you might be allowed out on the road by yourself. While you might not make as much money as you hoped for initially, the experience will pay off in the future.

Morristown Express Recruits Experienced CDL Class A Truck Drivers in Indiana

Morristown Express is willing to hire newer CDL Class A truck drivers with at least one year of experience. We currently have various CDL Class A truck driving jobs in Morristown, Indiana, which you can apply for today. With our truck driving jobs, you can expect the best benefits and exceptional pay.

Plus, we never require our drivers to transport hazardous materials. You won’t even need to unload or load your shipments. Take your driving experience to new heights with a Class A CDL Job at Morristown Express in Morristown, IN.