We’re expanding and adding drivers to run local and regionally.
Morristown Express drivers can expect to earn an average income of between $55,000 to $61,000 / yr.


The “Transition Pay” program provides a guaranteed minimum pay of $1,100 a week for 8 weeks beginning your second week of employment.
In October of 2017 Morristown Express implemented a “Transition Pay” program for new drivers. The program was developed after asking a number of new drivers to Morristown Express “What do you need from us to help you focus on training and become a successful professional driver with Morristown Express?”

Throughout our discussions with new drivers it became clear that “income stability” was the primary need for new drivers. A high percentage of new drivers coming to Morristown Express are new to the food grade tanker business and they wanted reassurance bills could be paid as they learned.

The “Transition pay” program has been a great success for both new drivers and for Morristown Express.

If you would like to learn more about the program please call Morristown Express.

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Paid Driver Orientation & Tanker Training. New drivers with Morristown Express should complete training in 3 weeks or less.
Training is broken down into two parts: “in classroom training” and “in truck training”.

In Classroom Training:

For several days during your first week with Morristown Express you will be at the terminal. During this time you can expect to go through our driver’s handbook, watch videos, complete paperwork and be introduced to terminal personnel and other drivers.

Daily In Truck Training:

After you have completed the classroom portion of training you will be assigned your “in truck trainer”.

During your time with your assigned trainer you can expect to share driving duties and make deliveries to customers. The in truck training is “hands on training” with the oversight of your trainer. You will learn the complete process from pre-tripping a tank trailer to the final delivery where a pump may be used to offload product at our customers. You will also be trained to provide updates to dispatch using the in cab communication system (PeopleNet) and how to complete the necessary paperwork.

The overall training time depends on the new driver. Morristown Express's goal is to let the new driver train at the pace they are comfortable with. After a driver has completed their training and assigned their truck, their trainers become a mentor and are only a phone call away.

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Morristown Express offers all full time drivers a full benefits package.

Some of the benefits offered:

  • An average income of between $55,000 to $61,000 / yr
  • Top drivers can earn over $65,000
  • Out and back freight
  • $950 week guaranteed minimum*
  • On-site dispatch and maintenance
  • Consistent repeat freight lanes
  • Limited number of overnight trips
  • Assigned equipment
  • Paid orientation and tank training
  • Full benefits package (medical, dental, vision, 401k)

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    Here are some of the general requirements to drive for Morristown Express:
    • Class A CDL with 12 months tractor trailer experience preferred
    • Tanker endorsement (not needed to apply)
    • The ability to pass DOT physical and drug screen

    This is not intended to be a complete list of hiring requirements. If you have specific questions please call recruiting.

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