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Have you ever wondered about the salary of CDL Class A truck drivers? Several factors play a role in determining a Class A truck driver’s salary, and we will cover them all. We will discuss factors such as miles driven, over-the-road (OTR) trucking benefits, and experience level to see how each of these affects the annual compensation. You can determine whether you want a trucking job with more liability and a higher salary, or a safe, comfortable position that provides an average salary and competitive benefits.

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Average Class A CDL Truck Driver Salary

On average, CDL Class A truck driving pays about $63,000 a year. However, that is under certain conditions. For example, the beginning wage from most OTR trucking companies is closer to $55,000 a year, while experienced or team drivers can make up to $71,000 a year. At Morristown Express, we offer an average income between $55,000- $61,000 annually, but our top drivers are earning more than $65,000/year. Plus, our CDL Class A benefits rival the top regional trucking companies.

Class A CDL Truck Driver Salary by Experience

Entry-level CDL Class A drivers are subject to lower wages due to the amount of prior driving experience. First-year and student drivers tend to make an average of $55,512. As you gain experience, you can plan on receiving more OTR trucking benefits and get a higher salary as well.

Class A CDL Truck Driver Salary by Industry

The OTR trucking salary also depends on what industry you are serving. Some transportation companies focus on hauling dangerous cargo, which requires higher compensation. For example, transporting vehicles, hauling construction equipment, and distributing beer requires more liability, and therefore, these trucking companies will offer higher pay for the job.

Class A CDL Truck Driver Salary by State

State Hourly Wage Annual Salary
New York $27.37 $56,939
Massachusetts $27.12 $56,400
Indiana $23.04 $47,923
Florida $21.08 $43,855
North Carolina $20.08 $41,759

According to ZipRecruiter, the annual salary for over-the-road trucking varies significantly by state. According to the study, New York truck driving companies average the highest CDL driver salaries ($56,939/year). The CDL truck driving jobs in North Carolina tend to pay the lowest on average ($41,759/year). In Indiana, the average CDL driver salary is around $47,923/year. Here at Morristown Express, we pay our CDL Class A drivers well above the state and national average.

How to Get Paid More as a Class A CDL Truck Driver

If you want to increase your CDL Class A truck driving salary, there are some steps you can take.

  • Consider line haul or intermodal positions
  • Get HAZMAT (H) endorsement
  • Get Tank Vehicle (N) endorsement
  • Haul oversized loads
  • Become an owner-operator truck driver

Morristown Express Recruits Entry-Level & Experienced Class A CDL Drivers

Our CDL Class A recruiting team works hard to provide quality trucking jobs with minimal danger. Morristown Express Class A drivers receive a long list of benefits, including guaranteed transition pay, driver training, and a complete benefits package. We also provide our CDL Class A drivers with a limited number of overnight trips, consistent repeat freight lanes, and high-quality equipment. We are currently looking for entry-level and experienced CDL Class A truck drivers in the Morristown area, the State of Indiana, and the entire Midwest region. Apply with Morristown Express today!

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