Morristown Express is an industry-leading, family-owned kosher liquid food grade carrier. Our trucking company is responsible for hauling a variety of liquid edibles, with a specialty in transporting liquid chocolate and oil. Class A truck drivers at Morristown Express are never asked to haul hazardous materials.

We strive to lead the bulk tank food industry by proactively developing new transport advancements to save customers’ time, money, and product.

At Morristown Express, now under our 3rd generation of family leadership, we are proud of our experienced team of CDL drivers and our long-term client relationships. We continue to place a high priority on our customer service and driver retention.

With more than 80 years of experience in the trucking industry, Morristown Express can be trusted to provide the trucking and hauling needs our customers expect. Through dedication and prioritization, our exceptional customer service ensures on-time delivery, customer need responsiveness, and top-quality product care.

Our History

Back in 1926, Mr. Pomprowitz, the oldest of seven children and the child of a widowed mother, sought a way to support his family and provide a community need. In order to do so, he established a small trucking company in Sobieski, Wisconsin.

His OTR trucking company began with just $200 from his mother and an additional bank loan. With this startup money, he purchased a used truck and started hauling. Helen Vanderlinden, his future wife and closest confidant, also helped to encourage his endeavor.

At first, his over the road trucking company was named LCL Transit, meaning “less than a car load.” In less than ten years, the company had a total of 10 trucks and 15 employees. By then, LCL Bulk was transporting cheese for many processing plants in the upper Midwest.

Through 1966, both Joe and Helen managed the business together. Then, their daughter Joan joined the team. Eventually, Joan’s husband, Bob Schaupp, became a member of the board to further direct the leadership. With this additional direction, P&S Investment Company named Morristown Express as one of its five major ventures alongside LCL Bulk Transport, Stellar Express, HFCS Transport, and St. Joe Express. Together, all of these trucking companies create the largest chocolate hauler throughout the nation.

Today, Hans Schaupp is behind the leadership of Morristown Express. He makes up the 3rd generation of the family-owned Morristown Express trucking business.

About Morristown Express

Company Growth

In 2000, Morristown Express began with limited drivers but maintained the goal to build the business and impress customers. By 2006, our customer relations were stronger and bigger than ever. That’s when we built the terminal located on Range Line Rd in Morristown, IN. Even though we have grown since then, we continue to invest in our terminals to further meet customer and driver needs. In addition, our wastewater treatment plant has been upgraded to include new heat lines so we can store our customers’ temperature-sensitive cargo effectively.

Experienced Staff

Morristown Express continues to focus heavily on driver retention. Our CDL Class A truck driving jobs have a low turnover rate, mainly due to the dedication of our staff and the industry-leading benefits we are able to provide our truckers. Not only do we have a deep respect for our Class A drivers, but we do everything we can to encourage their success and accommodate their lives outside of work.

Large Family Mentality

Morristown Express is a part of the LCL Bulk Transport team. With LCL, HFCS, Stellar Express, and St. Joe Express, the P&S Investments Inc. team supplies everything that our customers need. Our owners understand what it takes to achieve success, and have proven that concept for over three generations.

On-Site Maintenance and Tank Wash

With our tank-wash and on-site maintenance, we offer a complete operation to boost efficiency for our drivers and customers. By maintaining all of the equipment on-site, we have fewer breakdowns on the road and offer a more reliable transport service than our competitors.

Quality Equipment

Tractors and trailers are well maintained late-model units that convey a clean professional image for Morristown Express customers and for our drivers.

Hauling Innovation

Morristown Express drivers are dispatched from our home terminal in Indiana. From here, we connect the drivers to our dispatch center through a satellite communication system. With this system in place, we provide a fast response, flexible schedules, as well as 24/7 load tracking. We can handle the largest logistical needs for security, cleanliness, and temperature control. It doesn’t matter what the hauling challenge is, Morristown Express is ready to face it.


Morristown Express is a technology leader in the bulk tank food industry. We do not transport hazardous materials.

We lead the trucking industry for bulk tank food transportation. We will never subject our CDL drivers to transport hazardous materials, as we specialize in soybean oil and liquid chocolate transportation. As a subsidiary of P&S Investment Company Inc., Morristown Express is part of the largest chocolate hauler throughout the United States.

You can always count on Morristown Express to serve the following industries:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Soybean Oil
  • Liquid Chocolate
  • Edible Food Grade Oils
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Liquid Sweeteners


Morristown Express introduced the trucking industry’s first vibrating tank designed to save time, money, and product.

We continue to find innovative ways to improve our customers’ bottom line. With our patented ShakerTank™, we provide more. Other trucking companies don’t provide a vibrating bulk tank system that compares to our innovation. Our sophisticated ShakerTank™ improves viscosity, decreasing product heel and the time spend unloading product. The ShakerTank™ is efficient by design. This state-of-the-art vibration system promises to revolutionize the bulk tank transportation of difficult-to-unload products by increasing the efficiency of product unloading and ultimately increasing carrier’s bottom lines.

Benefits of the ShakerTank™:

  • Shorter Unloading Times
  • Less Product Heel
  • Reduced Driver Effort
  • Lower Excess Heel Charges
  • Reduced Cleaning Time and Waste
  • Less Liability
  • Less Administrative Processing Required
  • More Money
  • Less Time
  • More Product
  • Increased Safety
  • No Scraping Needed

Morristown Express is the only trucking company in the United States that uses the patented ShakerTank™. Whether you’re a customer in need of bulk product transport or you’re a CDL driver looking for a job with one of the top regional OTR trucking companies in the Midwest, we can help. Our truck driver benefits and operation efficiencies surpass what most entry-level CDL Class A drivers receive and what our competitors offer. We are ready to take your trucking career or transport productivity to the next level.

For more information about the ShakerTank™ or using the ShakerTank™ in operation with chemical and other liquid hauling applications, contact Brenner Tank LLC in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at 920-322-1051.



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