Morristown Express recently increased driver's pay.

The pay increase is expected to increase the average driver pay to over $80,000.00/yr  &  new drivers may also be eligible for $10,000 in new hire bonus money. Apply today for our 2nd and 3rd shift opportunities!

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Morristown Express is a kosher liquid food grade carrier that is family-owned. Our company hauls a variety of liquid edibles, with a specialty in oil and liquid chocolate.

Our CDL Class A truck drivers never have to haul hazardous materials. In addition, Morristown Express remains one of the technology leaders in the bulk tank food industry. Our team is proactively developing new transport advancements that strive to save customers’ money, products and time.

Morristown Express is now in its 3rd generation of family leadership. Throughout the years, we have built strong relationships in the liquid food hauling industry.

Now and in the future, Morristown Express will continue to be a proven transport partner. Tap into our many years of trucking experience and become a part of the Morristown Express family today. 

Always family-owned and operated, the management team here at Morristown Express continues to put a high priority on customer service and driver retention as our wonderful truck drivers are our biggest asset.

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Toll-Free Number : 888-260-8875

Call a Recruiter Direct: 888-260-8875


Morristown Express is family-owned and operated. Not only do we participate in CDL Class A recruiting efforts to ensure we have the best truckers in the nation, but we place a high priority on top-notch customer service as well. Morristown Express strives to provide on-time delivery, customer need responsiveness, and quality product care.




We will provide innovative, high quality, and high-value logistics solutions, which improves our customers' ability to compete. In carrying out our day-to-day business, we ...
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"The Morristown Express Way." The secret behind our industry-leading position among truck driving companies is our team of drivers. CDL Class A truck drivers at ...
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To speak to a recruiter call:    +1 888-260-8875 $1100 a week minimum “Guaranteed Transition Pay”. Our entry-level CDL class drivers benefit from the Morristown Express' guaranteed ...
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There are many trucking companies that provide a variety of employee benefits, but nothing compared to what we provide at Morristown Express. We are actively looking for new CDL Class A truck drivers that are reliable, responsible, safety-driven, and friendly. If you are a professional Class A Driver, contact us today!


$1100 a week, starting with the 2nd week, and lasting through 8 weeks.


An average annual income ranging from $65,000 to $75,000. Our top CDL Class A truck drivers earn more than $80,000 each year. In addition, our weekly payroll is provided through direct deposit.


Among our Class A trucking benefits, new truck drivers will earn a $500 bonus after they complete their 12th week of driving.


Our Class A truck drivers earn a paid personal day and 6 paid holidays. We also pay for funeral leave or jury duty.


We provide low-cost Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance. Drivers are eligible after 30 days past the first of the month following the hire date.


Driving positions at Morristown Express are very reliable and dependable thanks to our strong network.


Morristown Express is a part of the LCL Bulk Transport family. Its beginnings date back to the 1920s. It was in 1926 that Joe Pomprowitz began a smaller trucking business throughout the rural farming community located in Sobieski, Wisconsin. Mr. Pomprowitz was the oldest of seven children. He became fully aware that the family’s general store wasn’t going to be enough to support his widowed mother or the other children in the home.

He gathered $200 from his mom and an additional loan from the bank. With this money, Joe bought a low-cost used truck and started hauling. It wasn’t long before Helene Vanderlinden, his closest friend and future wife, began encouraging him to do more. With this support, Joe purchased another truck and started expanding the operations.

At first, his over the road trucking company was named LCL Transit, derived from its “less than a carload” foundation. However, it didn’t take long for this simple company to multiply. It was in 1935 that the company had ten trucks and fifteen employees. By then, the company was hauling for many cheese processing plants throughout the upper Midwest. Since conception, Morristown Express continues to employ highly experienced CDL Class A truck drivers, as well as entry-level CDL Class A drivers and prioritizes exceptional customer service above all.

Today, the Morristown Express family can be relied upon to provide quality liquid transport while taking care of our drivers with the leading industry benefits and quality pay rates. If you are a CDL Class A truck driver, it’s time to drive up with the leader in the industry. See what makes Morristown Express stand out from other trucking companies.

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What is "Guaranteed transition pay"?

The guaranteed transition pay is designed to assure experienced new drivers with Morristown Express that they will earn a great pay check while they transition into and learn our business.

This program will guarantee new drivers to Morristown Express a minimum of $1,100 / wk beginning on their 2nd week and continuing for 8 weeks.

(Class A CDL and a minimum of 1 yr experience required)

What are some of your other great benefits?

New drivers will also earn a $500 bonus when they complete their 12th week of employment.

Do you pay holidays?

You would get 6 paid holidays 1 personal day, paid vacations, paid funeral leave and jury duty. You will also be paid for orientation (minimum $130/day).

What are your requirements?

You must be at least 21 years old, have 12 months of “Class A" driving experience, and pass a DOT physical, Drug Screen and ergonomics assessment.

What is your mission statement?

We will provide innovative, high quality and high value logistics solutions which improves our customers’ ability to compete. In carrying out our day-to-day business, we strive to:

1. Remember our customers are the reason we are in business and our first responsibility is to serve our customers who utilize our services.
2. Treat our employees with respect and provide a sense of belonging to a “family."
3. Provide a required return on invested capital.
4. Be the carrier of choice.

Do you transport hazardous material?

You will never have to do that since we are a food distributor. We specialize in chocolate and soybean oil and we are a subsidiary of P&S Investments Co, Inc., the largest chocolate hauler in the nation.




455 N Range Line RD,

Morristown, IN 46161

If you have any questions about us, our locations, or our job openings, please let us know.